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How can I register for e-Portfolio?
  • Go to and select button. A window opens as the below image shows:

The following steps are required:
1) Choose the Account Type:
-Personal or
2)Type in your
-MSE Account No.
-ID Card No. which is linked to the MSE Account
-Mobile No.
3) Download and complete the Registration Form.
4) Mail the documents to Central Securities Depository.
e-Portfolio Login Activation
  • A Handle Code is sent to the MSE account holder at the registered address as held at the Central Securities Depository (CSD), within 5 business days of receipt of the Registration form. Following the receipt of this code, go to and from the top menu select

  • The user is then required to enter:

- Handle Code
- Identification No
- Email address
- Mobile No
- Password

How can I login on e-Portfolio?
  • Go to and select Login button. Alternatively you can click on this link.

I registered for e-Portfolio but did not receive the Handle Code
  • In this case please contact Customer Service on tel: +356 2124 4051 or send an email to [email protected]

If I have more than one MSE account, how can I access them from e-Portfolio?
  • Once you can login on e-Portfolio, go to add MSE account and enter the account number. Such request will then be sent to CSD for verification purposes. The MSE account should be available within 1 working day.

I lost/forgot the Handle Code.
  • In this case please contact Customer Care on Tel +356 2124 4051 or send an email to [email protected] and include your MSE account number, ID card and mobile no. The lost handle code will be deleted and a new handle code will be mailed to you.